iOS, tvOS


Xcode is required for Apple platforms.


Install gogio, if you already haven’t:

go install

The -appid flag specifies the iOS bundle id or Android package id. The flag is required for creating signed .ipa files for iOS and tvOS devices, because the bundle id must match an id previously provisioned in Xcode. For example,

gogio -target ios -appid <bundle-id>

Use the Window->Devices and Simulators option in Xcode to install the ipa file to the device. If you have ideviceinstaller installed, you can install the app from the command line:

ideviceinstaller -i kitchen.ipa

If you just want to run a program on the iOS simulator, use the -o flag to specify a .app directory:

gogio -o -target ios

Install the app to a running simulator with simctl:

xcrun simctl install booted


The gogio tool can also produce a framework ready to include in an iOS or tvOS Xcode project. The command

gogio -target ios -buildmode archive

outputs Kitchen.framework with the demo program built for iOS.

To run the Gio program, use the GioAppDelegate class from your program:

@import UIKit;
@import Gio;

int main(int argc, char * argv[]) {
	@autoreleasepool {
		return UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil, NSStringFromClass([GioAppDelegate class]));